Command Communications is a social media management company.


We not only create buzz creating content - we distribute it. We will build your social networks to engage and interact with clients on a new level!

Command Communications was founded in 2014 by award-winning television and radio journalist Jon Leiberman and public relations guru Mindie Barnett.

We have the tools needed to craft a hook and create something that’s both visual and content-driven. We know how to capture an audience. Through our vast knowledge of electronic story-telling and niche social media marketing, we share visual and engaging material that will not only retain the attention of viewers but generate new business leads and revenue.

In short, we get you attention and build buzz!

It's time to create content that truly engages your client base and is fully interactive. Your social media channels will be updated daily with new and riveting content. Without question, you’ll stand out from your competition and drive the bottom line.



We know how to capture an audience.

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